BinoBro, The Binocular Pouch-Standard

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  • The Binobro is a No-Bounce, binocular control system featuring our proprietary OPW Burr™ fabric with ripstop, waterproof, and burr-proof qualities. The BinoBro incorporates a low profile harnessthat is comfortably worn under backpacks, and has just one-inch of elastic for slight stretch for unrestricted breathing. The BinoBro requires no additional hardware to attach to your binoculars to use, and your binoculars are secured utilizing a bungee cord that can wrap the binocular, preventing, dust, snow, rain, and sweat, from fouling your expensive optics.  Contact us for special order sizing. 
  • Non-elastic suspension - a 1” elastic loop on each side, gives the Bro slight give when breathing
    OPW Burr™ fabric is waterproof, burrproof, puncture resistant, tear resistant and is a quiet fabric

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