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Oregon Pack Works Greengate® Pack System, is the only truly interchangeable modular pack system available today. Our patent-pending “universal” One is All® suspension system provides unmatched flexibility in the pack industry.

We make it possible for you to own ONE suspension system for a number of pack-bodies. Carry what you want, when you want. Our pack systems carry the necessary gear for an extended stay in the wilderness yet become a smaller pack for day trips on-the-spot. We use a proprietary waterproof, burr-proof, and quiet fabric for all of our packs.

Purchase just the suspension system and build from there, or at anytime add on with any Oregon Pack Works bag or body--they all fit together. Buy only what you need, never more. Carry ten pounds or more than one hundred pounds. Choose a pack system to match your needs or finances. Purchase additional bags/pack bodies for another need or sport, at anytime. Join us and you’ll see why with Oregon Pack Works: One is All, All is One®.


Why Reload your own Ammunition: Part Two; By, Karl J Findling

September 13, 2014

In Part One I gave just a couple of quick reasons why, and in this post we'll look closer at the process, and some additional benefits. In Part One, I showed a measuring tape, and the group is telling of the basics of reloading--that it is ultimately a journey that has many rewards. In this part, the process is outlined a bit more for those curious as to why they may want to begin reloading. IF you are primarily a rifle shooter, and ALWAYS hunt with a rifle, that may be the first reason. Secondly, IF you spend a great deal of time at a range or shooting, and acquiring ammunition is expensive or difficult, then again this may be...

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Scouting High and Low, for a Beulah Speed Goat...by, Karl J. Findling

September 11, 2014

This year's Antelope Tag was a surprise, in more than one way. This would make the third Antelope in 36 years--so, 12 years apart for each, after a fourteen year wait for the first; same unit--Beulah

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Max's Meanderings: "The Boar's Nest.", by Max Zeller

August 15, 2014

When I retired in 1999, I decided to move from my home in Washington State back to property I owned in the central Coast Mountains of western Oregon.  After the move, I made it my mission to explore all the mountains and drainages I could access in order to ascertain the best bear habitats in my immediate area. 

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