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Oregon Pack Works Greengate® Pack System, is the only truly interchangeable modular hunting pack system available today. Our patent-pending “universal” One is All® suspension system provides unmatched flexibility in the pack industry.

We make it possible for you to own ONE suspension system for a number of pack-bodies. Carry what you want, when you want. Our pack systems carry the necessary gear for an extended stay in the wilderness yet become a smaller pack for day trips on-the-spot. We use a proprietary waterproof, burr-proof, and quiet fabric for all of our packs.

Purchase just the suspension system and build from there, or at anytime add on with any Oregon Pack Works bag or body--they all fit together. Buy only what you need, never more. Carry ten pounds or more than one hundred pounds. Choose a pack system to match your needs or finances. Purchase additional bags/pack bodies for another need or sport, at anytime. Join us and you’ll see why with Oregon Pack Works: One is All, All is One®.                            
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BinoBro - ProHunter

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The BinoBro® is a no-bounce binocular control system featuring our proprietary OPW Burr™ fabric with rip-stop, waterproof, and burr-proof qualities. The BinoBro® incorporates a low profile ergonomic harness that is comfortably worn under backpacks, and has just one-inch of elastic for slight stretch for unrestricted breathing.  We make nine sizes to match any binocular you're willing to carry. Know the dimensions (height is most important) for your binocular before ordering to avoid returns. The Bungee wraps around the top of your binoculars to seal the weather out.
BinoBro’s require no additional hardware to attach to your binoculars to use, and your binoculars are secured in the pouch by utilizing the bungee cord that wraps the binocular eye pieces, preventing dust, snow, rain, and sweat from fouling your expensive optics. The ProHunter model has a zippered pocket below the binocular pouch that can hold either an I-Phone 5S, Tags/License, Reading glasses, Small knife or other items. It has a windicator/puffer-bottle holder on the right side, and a small vertical call pocket on the opposite side. The Range Finder Bro is a BinoBro without a harness. It has two sets of belt loops to fit onto the BinoBro harness, backpack straps, or from 1" up to a 2” waist belt--you decide where you want it. Utilize the retention strap included on your range finder so you can tether to your person somewhere. This allows one to drop the rangefinder if needed and not lose it. Soon to our store will be the Spotting Scope Bro. It is a long weatherproof pouch that you can cradle most spotting scopes in. The Spotting Scope Bro is one of our Over Flow pouches with padding--available soon in padded or un-padded.                        Contact us for special order pricing.                              
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