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About Us

The Oregon Pack Work's Greengate® Pack System originated in 2002, in a garage in Redmond, Oregon. 

Owner and co-founder, Karl J. Findling is an Oregon native with over forty years of hunting, backpacking, and outdoor experience. He is a retired paramedic, and was a professional firefighter for over 37 years. Product design is where he finds his creative outlet, and it is found in the Oregon Pack Works product line. Karl, and former co-owner Dan Bray, met over a decade ago and pooled their talents to create a cutting-edge hunting pack system—something they’d both looked for in the marketplace and failed to find.

The idea of a truly interchangeable pack system began with our own fruitless search for that “Holy Grail” of a pack—one that could carry the necessary gear and weights required of a pack for meat-hauls, as well as for an extended stay in the wilderness, yet could become a smaller pack for day hunts, on-the-spot!
Eventually, after exhausting the market and finding only inadequate products, Karl and Dan realized they’d have to create this pack themselves.Years of trial-and-error led to the creation of Oregon Pack Works signature product, the Greengate® Pack System, and Oregon Pack Works, patent-pending “universal” One is All® suspension system.
The Oregon Pack Works idea of a quiet, waterproof, and burr-resistant fabric came to fruition in 2011, as we designed a fabric that allows users to avoid the pitfalls of gear getting soaked, having to bag gear in waterproof stuff-sacks, and use of a pack rain-fly. No rain-fly is the norm, when keeping gear on the inside of the pack, and out of the harshest of mountain weather--this was our desire--along with a versatility that is unmatched today.

Oregon Pack Works began aggressively testing their innovative products in 2009, and formally launched the company in March, of 2010. Though we are a relatively new company, our products rest on decades of experience, product testing, and user testimonials.  We challenge you to find a better pack system! 

If you need technical support or just help deciding which product is right for you feel free to give us a call at: 541.410.0538 All Oregon Pack Work's products are proudly Made in the USA.  Click to read Our Philosophy.


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