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Warranty & FAQs

Oregon Pack Works Lifetime Guarantee

  • Oregon Pack Works covers defects in materials and craftsmanship for the reasonable lifetime and intended usage of your pack. Should any flaw appear due to defective materials or craftsmanship, we will happily repair or replace the product at no cost to the owner. If we determine the damage to be the result of normal wear and tear, abuse, accident, or exceeding reasonable expectations of the product’s lifespan, or usage, repairs will be made at a reasonable cost. We proudly stand behind this guarantee—it offers us the chance to see the effects of real user wear on our packs.
    Please call us for a return authorization, and please clean your pack before returning it. See: Care and Feeding of your gear. Remember only use a front loading machine to wash your outdoor gear. 


  1. Your website shows three different Camouflage options. Please explain the differences.  MULTICAM is a Trademarked pattern on 1000D Cordura® fabric that is not an Oregon Pack Works designed fabric. It is made in America and is quite expensive. It is 1000D Cordura®, Nylon. This is the “new” standard for a number of the Branches of our Armed Forces. We offer this fabric as a choice--primarily for Military/Tactical  applications. Cordura's® (MULTICAM) traits for a hunter are somewhat limited. First, it is noisy. Secondly, it is NOT waterproof. What it does do is look good—as the fabric is a reflective-type Camouflage (as is our Open Range and Predator Deception Brown). Unless you don’t care about noise and don’t mind sealing all your gear in a waterproof bag of-some-sort, the other two camouflage choices, or Olive Drab (O.D.) in OPW Burr are probably better suited to your needs as they are waterproof, tear resistant, puncture resistant, burr-proof, and quiet fabric designed by Oregon Pack Works. We are hunters too and appreciate performance. 

  2. I really like your pack as it is the most comfortable pack I’ve found in ten years, but with all the straps, how do I keep them from blowing around when the wind is blowing? This is usually only an issue when the pack is empty or mostly empty. Take a moment before the pack is put on and “tuck” the loose ends in.Strap management is not too tough, as I tuck the loose ends into something or wrap the loose ends in the Me’le’ on the meat-shelf or under the strap that lies below the loose end. Once the pack is mostly full it is not an issue. The OPW packs are the most modifiable and versatile pack on the market, and it couldn't do the things it does with shorter straps. Like any pack, the more you mess with it, the easier it becomes. You may always cut-short any strap to your liking, but may void Warranty and decrease functionality. Contact us if you’re unsure about anything. Loose and long straps will move in the wind so tuck ‘em in! 

  3. How do I share my Rogue pack with my wife? Since our pack fits a 12 y.o. (18” torso) up to an adult  6’ 8” (23” torso), if one of you likes to use the Lumbar and the other the Hydro pack, just remove the plastic sheet from the Hydro, detach the Hydro from the Lumbar and Voila’ two packs for two differing needs. If each of you wear the Rogue Pack at different times, just make a mark with an indelible pen (permanent Sharpie will do) at a place in the suspension (the middle of the 2" pass-through works) that clearly defines who’s mark-is-who’s (two differing colors??).  Then the only movement that needs to happen is moving the suspension to each other’s mark before use! The Lumbar without shoulder straps carries about 15 pounds. The Hydro without the waist-belt carries about ten pounds. Add the waist-belt up to 25#. 

  4. I think your BinoBro is awesome, but it is a little noisy. Can I make it less noisy?  Our fabric is slightly “Crinkly” when new.  Similar to new Tyvek® We advise washing in a mild detergent—UV-Killer type soap—to loosen the fabric. The PVC membrane will soften with a few washes, but is waterproof. In order for the pouch to have some form it must be semi-rigid, and the PVC creates some rigidity. Without the membrane the fabric would be limp and near impossible to take binoculars in and out of the pouch. My Pack and BinoBro is several years old now and is much softer and quieter after multiple washings. Waterproof fabric has a slight amount of noise no way around it. See our "reviews" for more information.

  5. Your videos show a Camouflage that I like is that available?  Our videos were filmed with our first generation fabric—Prairie Ghost, by Montana Camo. Inc. No, the fabric is not available. We decided to use a camouflage that was available called “OpenRange,” by Hunting Attractions, in Boise, Idaho--it is a lighter color and helps to break-up your outline. We offer Predator Deception Brown as a darker pattern option that has 3-D effects. MULTICAM is a 1000D Cordura® fabric that is a bit noisy, and is not an OPW fabric-product.  It is made in America and is quite expensive. Our newest offering is an Olive Drab--Solid color. See all camouflage patterns offered under the Hunting tab. Google, Oregon Pack Works for more videos on Youtube.

  6. I used your facebook Page and Youtube to look at the differing ways I could use your system, when will you have more videos, as those help explain “how” it all works?  This is the most expensive item for our business. We have tried to locate new videographer and are working to have new videos. This is the best way for us to convey the way our product works. Each pack we sell has instructions and the videos are accessible on YouTube, and our website. If anyone has a brief video, they my post it on Youtube, and or facebook as well. There are videos on YouTube, produced by other users, under: Oregon Pack Works.

  7. I filled my pack with blood last season and I think I stained it. How do I remove the stain?  First of all, our packs disassemble and are washable. The sooner you take action after blood-contact the better. If you wait until you get home, we recommend a garden hose first, then hydrogen peroxide to soak the blood out. Take all the plastic panels out of the bodies—Hydro and Greengate pack. Start with a garden hose--to hose out the big stuff-Hydrogen Peroxide trouble spots. Then, unbuckle and separate all bodies and re-connect the unfastened buckles to avoid loosing any. Throw the bodies in a front-loading washing machine-ONLY.  Using cold water and then a UV-killer-type soap (non-detergent). Throw in a towel or two in-order to absorb the shock on the plastic buckles and air dry. That’s all there is to it. Our packs are one of few that can be completely disassembled and machine washed.               
  8. My pack is pushing on my lower back, any thoughts?  The first step to getting any pack to  fit is to remove the aluminum stays and the waist belt entirely from the pack. First, have someone help bend the stays to the small of your back. It is possible that when they were bent to fit you, the pack actually sits higher on your back than when you pre-bent your stays. You can “flatten” the stays by just pushing down on the padded side of the pack to flatten the bend slightly. The stays should mirror the contour of your spine for optimum comfort and performance.

  9. How is it that you carry a gun, or bow attached to your packs? New in 2013, the Gun Scabbard was created to allow users more flexibility with our system. It is  Greengate System compatible--meaning it "clips right-in" to any of our packs. It also can be strapped-on, or added to any other pack you may own. Due to the number of  modular pack bodies and the arrangement of the straps, there a many ways to attach guns, bows, treestands, even pop-up blinds to our packs. The Orion is especially capable of carrying "crazy" loads due to the large center area and long straps. The WholeShabang! is only limited by your imagination and  "how much" weight you can carry. See: our facebook--PHOTOS; Trophy Page, and Blog; Our videos should be out soon for more ways to carry as well. We do not currently sell any accessories other than a gun scabbard for carrying  guns or bows. The Greengate system has many configurations and lengthy straps to assist in carrying various items--the more you, try the more options available.

  10. I'm a larger guy, does your pack fit me or do I need a larger suspension? If your pant (WAIST) size is 34" or larger, order a Large waist belt. If you wear an XXL, or larger shirt, then a Large Shoulder Strap set is needed. We offer a smaller set as well for small torso users/women--LESS THAN A 32" WAIST/WOMEN'S SMALL.  Standard is our Medium, it fits 75% of all users.                                                                                                                  
  11. How Does the "Demo" Program work?! You "Rent" a pack to try for about two-weeks (three weekends max). With your Credit Card deposit you will receive an Orion Pack made-up inside of a Greengate Body (this equals a WholeShabang!). You try-out the various packs like it's your pack, to understand the benefits to our pack [System]. You may then apply the deposit to your purchase (you'll receive a PROMO CODE) to subtract the $100.00 deposit, or you may request a refund. You will forfeit the shipping to and from, and the $25.00 we started to collect to cover the cost of the program (new boxes for shipping, lost straps, more packs for the program as demand increases, theft, etc.,). Contact us for further questions.                                  
  12. What is the Short Torso Hydro? It helps fit users with smaller torsos (women/men under 5' 9") to our pack system. Our products fit larger and taller torso's better, so we developed a better solution to fit those that are smaller or shorter.                                                                                                            
  13. How do I know the right size BinoBro to order? The most important dimension to fit your binocular just right is the Height! Measure height and width and you can either match it to the sizes listed--there are TEN SIZES--or, go to the PDF Brochure and find your binocular. Know before you order so there is no delay for you to use the best binocular pack in the marketplace.                                                                  
  14. I want to wash my pack now that it's had blood on the inside and outside, what's best? First, SEE NO. 7 above: first thing to do is take a garden hose to it. If that's not available, bottled water. Use Hydrogen Peroxide to release blood initially if available. Remove any plastic body panel before laundering. Use a UV-Killer-type soap, and ONLY USE a front loading washing machine!                      
  15. I noticed that the different sized BinoBro and RF-Bro's are the same price, why?Small objects are harder to sew than large objects. The off-set in time is equivalent to the cost of more material, thus, they are all about the same cost to manufacture.        
  16.  Why is it that OPW doesn't have waterproof zippers with waterproof fabric? Great question! We know of many oversea's manufacturers of packs that have waterproof zippers, BUT, we use storm flaps inlieu of waterproof zippers because of the high-failure rate of waterproof zippers. Know any special forces soldiers--ask them. Back packs get thrown on the ground a lot and that trapped dirt stays inside of pockets and eventually the zipper fails. We chose a safer route to avoid failure in the field.


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