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Pro Staff

Pro Staff 

Troy Neimann

Troy Neimann
Troy Neimann: Pro Staff for Oregon Pack Works

Pro Staff
Troy Neimann
Pursue the Outdoors,

Born and raised in the Northwest, Troy Neimann pursues a passion for the outdoor experience. Having been blessed with a variety of NW Big Game species, Troy shares a desire to “pass it on” while mentoring others! With an infectious understanding of elk, Neimann travels during the off season conducting Advanced Elk Academy seminars focusing on elk biology, behavior, language, tactics and strategies. One can find Troy competing for the RMEF World Elk Calling Champion title each year or out guiding fishing trips when not in pursuit of Big Game. Testing products, filming, building instructional DVD’s, journaling and Co-founder of www.pursuetheoutdoors.com are just a few accomplishments enjoyed by Neimann. 

Sponsors:Alpen Optics, BowTech, Danner, Medalist, Oregon Pack Works, FoxPro, Fisherman’s Marine, Nosler

Amos Madison

Amos Madison
Amos Madison: Pro Staff for Oregon Pack Works
Pro Staff
Amos Madison
“Train up a child in the way he should go: and 
when he is old, he will not depart from it"
I was born and raised in Central Oregon.  My father and grandparents were all avid hunters and instilled in me the love of the outdoors that I have today.  I can remember how my grandmother taught me at an early age how to understand elk behavior and be patient.  I credit her hunting skills with the success I have with my elk hunting today.  She was one of the finest elk hunters in the country.

When I received my first bow at the age of 6 I would always be outside shooting.  Even on days when I was home from school due to an illness.  That got me into trouble more than once.  By the early 70’s my parents had started a professional Archery shop.  I was indentured to working in the archery shop.  It was an invaluable time that I look back upon to have the ability to see and field test equipment as it came out on the market.  I had the opportunity to own one of the first compound bows ever developed; it was amazing how the technology changed so quickly once that bow hit the market.

 During my high school years I knew I wanted a job that would keep me in the outdoors.  I pursued my ambitions with a BS degree in wildlife biology from Oregon State University.  That led to a 2 year hitch in the US Army with the 101st Airborne in which I served my time as a game warden.   After that I returned back to Oregon and have worked in Natural Resource’s Protection for the last 25 years.

I have the unique opportunity to work with various outdoor groups, resource management agencies and sportsmen/women.  It’s truly a blessing to be able to work in the outdoors and share with others the same passion that was instilled in me at an early age.  I’ve always taken pride in making myself available to talk with people and sharing with them the unique opportunities that can be had in the outdoors.  My best to you all as you pursue your own outdoor interests.


Kevin Krause

Kevin resides in Washington State.


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