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Our Philosophy

The Oregon Pack Works philosophy matches who we are: Provide unmatched customer service, no-nonsense function, great value, and great performance.

We started with an out-of-the-box pack idea; one that is crazy versatile. Next, we added the high performance of a rip-stop, burr-proof, and waterproof fabric, that to this day, is still hard to find in the hunting pack marketplace.

We also believe in the solid pursuit of perfection.  The improvements we seek for our products are functional first, and sometimes subtle. 

We put customer service above all other aspects, and believe a well treated customer will be loyal and will spread their opinion of satisfaction on to friends and family.

The continued search for a "better way" has led us to innovate in all aspects of our product-line. We will continue to introduce "new and improved" ways to utilize the gear that you rely on.

 So, a big THANK YOU for believing in us!


Pack Sizing Guides

How to Measure Yourself

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