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January 23, 2018

The BinoBro and BinoBro-ProHunter share the same universal, low profile, one-size fits most harness. Most users prefer the standard way of utilizing the O.E.M. neck strap lengthened slightly to not bear weight, and utilize the neck strap in conjunction with the BinoBro harness--as sold.

The straight-forward, simple design lends itself to be easily modifiable, as well as all of our back pack designs.

We are evaluating a "new" method of using our harness. One that allows for more adjustment (function) and most importantly allows ANY-SIZED user (from child to large adult) to use. 

We will evaluate an additional adjustment to the harness giving users four ways to adjust to fit 99% of ALL users.

If the BinoBro doesn't work the way it is originally intended and you'd like to change to another "way" to utilize your binoculars, the BinoBro harness can be modified easily, quickly and cheaply to give you "want you want".

At times customers have modified the soft pouch, or adapted to their way of using the vertical straps with sliders. Those wanting to change or modify the standard way of using the binocular harness, we will have a video and another Blog Post to provide some additional ideas with photos and descriptions to help you.

While a few users would like a different way to tether the binocular to the vertical straps around the neck, to that request we will create a kit to allow that as well.

Look for a future Blog Post and videos of the New and improved BinoBro harness. Plus, kits to help you accomplish another way to attach your binoculars to the vertical strap, if wanted.

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