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September 24, 2018

Oregon's Congressional Rep. Kurt Schrader

2018 is looking more like 2014 where LWCF is concerned.  I was asked by BHA to participate in a LWCF fly-in, in 2014. I didn't know a lot about this extraordinary fund, but the cliche', "History repeats it's self" are similar where the fund actually expired in 2015 for a short time, getting a three year extension. As I sit writing this, the nation's bank account for conservation will expire in just over six days.

What is it with Politicians, and what happened last week on Capitol Hill? #SAVELWCF

If you read my last Blog Post, you are more familiar with the LWCF than 90% of all Americans--thank you!

The House Committee on Natural Resources (Chaired by, Utah Senator, Rob Bishop--known to want Federal Lands turned over to the states) compromised with the Senior Minority Senator from Arizona, Ra'ul Grijvala, the second day I was lobbying in Washington, and voted to send the version to a vote in the House of Representatives.

With one week until expiration, it will be the Senate's turn to approve and move to an Omnibus Bill in order to get it moving before the September, 30th expiration date. Most likely, this won't happen, and the fund will expire--the second time in just three years.

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