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August 17, 2018

Huge Binoculars

We can now fit 99% of the binoculars one would "want" to carry on your person. With our 10th size and an additional two ProHunter models, we can cover anyone!

Plus, we are the ONLY provider of a Porro Prism pouch/harness on the marketplace.

For those of you that use the largest and the smallest of binoculars, our two new Standard BinoBro and Prohunters will be available soon! The Small is available now, and XL available, September, 1st.

Many don't know the difference between a Porro Prism and a Roof Prism Binocular.

Roof Prisms have straight barrels, are taller and narrower; Below.

Roof Prism

Porro Prisms have doglegs, are shorter and wider; Below.

Porro Prism

If your use the largest of Porro Prism Binoculars, and they look like this, the XL is for you; Below

Height, About 8":

PorroPrism Height

Width, about 8":

 PorroPrism Width

If not this large, the Porro Prism, or Porro Prism Tall, may work.

Also, our last Blog Post explained the NEW Small, in both Standard and ProHunter.

See our sizing chart and last Blog Post for details.

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