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July 17, 2018

 Oregon Pack Works Greengate Pack showing Load-lifters

Many of us on budgets don't spend the necessary money for a pack that can haul heavy weights, so many hunters suffer with a pack that is ill-equipped to carry heavy loads.

I know I did for years, as my mentor, my brother-in-law used old-style military pack boards for meat-hauls. We'd all suffer for hours at a time on long meat-hauls. I'm not sure his motives, other than budget, or no pack suited him, but it was if to make me tougher, or to never want to use such ill-equipped packs for meat hauling, ever again!

In the 70's and 80's we "old School" guy's hauled ridiculous loads on the wooden, composite and even ALICE metal frames--terrible! No load lifters; No waist belt.

The picture below highlights WHY one suffers without a frame. A daypack without a frame is literally a Lumbar pack. And, if there is no waist belt, then all of the borne weight is on your shoulders. The weight then, falls lower and back--NOT where you want weight!


Why is it that you suffer when using a "day pack" for your heavy hauling? It is the lack of a frame, but it is also about a functioning Load lifter...

What is a "Load lifter?" Can you have a load lifter without a frame?

Good questions. Yes, there are day packs with a load-lifter-type of straps (those above your trapezious muscles on each side of your neck), Or, the straps that connect on top of your shoulder straps, to your pack, but without a frame, it's useless.


So, the only way to carry substantial weight on your back is to use a pack with a frame, and incorporated "load-lifter" straps.


Some hunters, choose to hunt with a day pack, then return with a pack frame to do the meat-hauling.

If you have a narrow window for moving your meat, due to time constraints, or temperature issues, then moving meat immediately after a kill is essential. If you hunt with friends, then not as critical--Solo hunting, then extremely important.



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