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BinoBro® - ProHunter Closeouts

Size Guide

  • The BinoBro®, ProHunter is a no-bounce, waterproof binocular control system that offers the convenience of a weatherproof pouch attached to a harness. The harness incorporates a low profile 1" webbing in an ergonomic harness that is comfortably worn under backpacks; is a low-profile and has little elastic so it doesn't stretch or bounce. It has a zippered pocket below the binocular pouch that can hold many Cell Phones, Tags/License, Reading glasses, Small knife or other items. It has a windicator/puffer-bottle holder on the right side, and a small vertical call-pocket on the opposite side. Our proprietary OPW Burr™ fabric is also burr resistant and ultra quiet providing optimal tactical movements.  Contact us for special order sizing.
  • NO NEED TO TREAT FABRIC WITH TEFLON WATERPROOFING SPRAY. The fabric is waterproof, and only needs washing with a non-detergent Scent/U.V. killer soap, such as Atsko Sport-wash, by www.atsko.com
  • See: Specifications Tab FOR SIZING.
  • KNOW YOUR BINOCULAR'S DIMENSIONS BEFORE ORDERING--returns delay the opportunity to use on time...Height is most important.
  • Washing will soften and quiet the fabric.
  • ProHunter sizes: Small; Small Tall (2018 Small), Medium, Medium Tall, Large, Large Tall and Porro Prism Tall-only;
    Bottom zippered pocket-for sunglasses, license/tag, reading glasses, i-phone 5S, etc.
    Side pouch--holds diagphram calls, cleaning towelettes, etc.
    Non-elastic suspension - a 1” elastic loop on each side, gives the Bro slight give when breathing. 
    Non-closed loop harness can be removed while wearing a pack with two side-release buckles.
    Low-Profile 1" harness adjusts to fit a Small to XL torso and can easily be worn under packs and over coats. Harness fits most; petite women and children add to notes your size when ordering.
    OPW Burr™ fabric is waterproof, burrproof, puncture resistant, tear resistant and is a quiet fabric. Machine wash to soften (quiet) the fabric.
     Side-stretch elastic bottle-holder for wind puffer bottle
    Small:  (2018 Small) 5.0"W x 1.75"D x 5.0"H Carson 8 x 26/10 x 34; Swarovski 10 x 30/32 CL/SL; Vortex 6/8/10 x 28/32 Diamondback; From 4.75" to 5.0" in height/width.
    Medium=5.5"W x 2"D x 6.5"H Fits:Most Mid-Size Roof Prisms; Leica 8 x42 Ultravid; Leupold, BX-4; Maven 8/10 x 42 B1; Nikon M3; Swaro  8/10 x 32/42 SLC/EL Range; Zeiss Conquest HD,10 x40B, Victory; Vortex 8/10 x 42 Razor HD, Viper HD; If your Mid-size Roof Prisms are up to 6.5" tall.
    Medium Tall= 5.5"W x 2"D x 7"H Fits: Leica Geovid 10 x 42 HD R & Ultravid 12 x 50 HD; Swaro 12 x 50 EL Range; Vortex8/10 x 42 Talon HD, 10/12/15 x 50 Viper HD, 8/10 x 56 Vulture HD; Zeiss, Victory RF 10 x 45; If your Mid-size/Full-size Roof Prisms are up to 7.0" tall.
    Large= 6.5"W x 2.75"D x 8"H Fits: Range Finding Binoculars: Leica 8/10 x 42 HD B; Meopta 12 x 50 HD; Swaro 10 x 50 EL Range, 15 x 56 SLC; Vortex, Vulture HD; If your Roof Prisms are up to 8.0" tall.
    Large Tall= 6.5"W x 2.75"D x 8.5"HFits: Vortex 15/20 x 56 Kaibab HD; Swaro 15 x 56; Meopta 15 x 56 HD; Minox 15 x 50; Swaro 12 x 56 BTP; Zeiss 15 x 56; If your Roof Prisms are up to 8.5" tall.

    Porro Prism Tall8.5"W x 3"D x 6"H Fits: Taller Porro Prisms (Smaller in height than the XL size).

    Extra Large=2019: 8"W x 3.0"D x 8"H Fits: The Largest, Tall Porro Prisms 12 x 50mm; up to 8.0"Tall. Nikon Aculon 10 x 50; 


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