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Demo Pack Program

Our Demo Program changes effective, August 27, 2014. We will hold credit card information only on the Demo-Program until the pack is returned.

Our Demo program is our way to get our pack [system] in your hands, for a period of about two-weeks (two weekends), since we are made in America, and don't sell through retailers this allows potential customers to try-before-you-buy. 

You "borrow" a pack for a $700 deposit. In the end, the total amount charged to your credit card is $675--the additional $25 is now used for handling, cleaning, lost straps, repair, etc.,

You get the pack for two weeks and then return it to us. You may apply your $700 credit toward the purchase of the pack of your choice, or ask for a refund, less shipping, handling and $25.00 for repairs, cleaning and restock.

It's that simple.



Pack Sizing Guides

How to Measure Yourself

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B. Sleeve

C. Waist

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