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BinoBro, The Binocular Pouch--Standard

Size Guide

  • The BinoBro is a no-bounce binocular control system featuring our proprietary OPW Burr™ fabric with rip-stop, waterproof, and burr-proof qualities. The BinoBro incorporates a low profile ergonomic harness that is comfortably worn under backpacks, and has just one-inch of elastic for slight stretch for unrestricted breathing. The BinoBro requires no additional hardware to attach to your binoculars to use, and your binoculars are secured in the pouch by utilizing a bungee cord that wraps the binocular eye pieces, preventing dust, snow, rain, and sweat from fouling your expensive optics. Contact us for special order sizing. 
    • DO NOT TREAT FABRIC WITH TEFLON WATERPROOFING SPRAY. The fabric is waterproof, and only needs washing with a non-detergent Scent/U.V. killer, such as Atsko Sport-wash, by http://www.atsko.com/
  • Washing the BinoBro will quiet the fabric.
  • See: Specifications Tab for sizing--Know your binocular's dimensions before ordering.
  • Low-Profile 1" harness adjusts to fit a Small to XL torso and can easily be worn under packs and over coats.Harness fits most users; If you are a small male, petite woman or child add to Order Notes--your size when ordering.
    Non-elastic suspension - 1” webbing is low-profile to wear comfortably under a pack; a 1" elastic loop on each side gives the Bro slight give when breathing; 

    OPW Burr™ fabric is waterproof, burrproof, puncture resistant, tear resistant and is quiet. It is machine washable (Front Loading machines ONLY!) and air dry; No additional hardware necessary. 

    KNOW YOUR BINOCULAR'S DIMENSIONS BEFORE ORDERING--returns delay the opportunity to use on time...

    XS= 4.5"W x 1.5"D x 4.5"H Fits: Compact and folding binoculars like Leica folding 10 x 25;

  • Small= 5" W x 1.75"D x 5.5"H Fits: Cabela's Euro/Meostar & MeoPro 8 x 32 HD; Swarovski 10 x 30/32 CL/SL; Leupold 8 x 42 BX-1/BX-2/BX-3; Maven 8/10 x 30 B3; Nikon 8/10 x 42 M5/M7; Vortex 6/8/10 x 28/32 Diamondback, Viper, Viper HD, Crossfire II, Talon HD;  If your Compact/Mid-size Roof Prisms are up to 6.0" tall 
  •  Medium=5.5"W x 2"D x 6.5"H Fits:Most Mid-Size Roof Prisms; Leica 8 x42 Ultravid; Leupold, BX-4; Maven 8/10 x 42 B1; Nikon M3; Swaro  8/10 x 32/42 SLC/EL Range; Zeiss Conquest HD,10 x40B, Victory; Vortex 8/10 x 42 Razor HD, Viper HD; If yourMid-size Roof Prisms are up to 6.5" tall.

     Medium Tall= 5.5"W x 2"D x 7"H Fits: Leica Geovid 10 x 42 HD R & Ultravid 12 x 50 HD; Swaro 12 x 50 EL Range;Vortex8/10 x 42 Talon HD, 10/12/15 x 50 Viper HD, 8/10 x 56 Vulture HD; Zeiss, Victory RF 10 x 45; If yourMid-size/Full-size Roof Prisms are up to 7.0" tall.

     Large= 6.5"W x 2.75"D x 8"H Fits: Range Finding Binoculars: Leica 8/10 x 42 HD B; Meopta 12 x 50 HD; Swaro 10 x 50 EL Range, 15 x 56 SLC; Vortex, Vulture HD; If your Roof Prisms are up to 8.0" tall.

     Large Tall= 6.5"W x 2.75"D x 8.5"HFits: Vortex 15/20 x 56 Kaibab HD; Swaro 15 x 56; Meopta 15 x 56 HD; Minox 15 x 50; Swaro 12 x 56 BTP; Zeiss 15 x 56; If your Roof Prisms are up to 8.5" tall.

    Extra Large= 8"W x 3"D x 8"H Fits: Example-Tall Porro Prisms12 x 50mm; up to 8.0"Tall

    PorroPrism Tall= 9"W x 2"D x 6"H Fits: Mid-to large size Porro Prism's If your Porro Prism is 6" tall and 9" W

    PorroPrism Short= 8.0"W x 2"D x 4.5"H Fits: small to mid-size Porro Prisms


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