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Changes for Oregon Pack Works for 2014

With the new year comes more functionality in our product line; more innovative products; increased products for more value per-[system], and new pricing.

With contract manufacturing prices increasing--due to Obama care?!  We can only absorb so much of that cost. We want to increase quality, not decrease it, so for 2014 a modest price increase is in-store. 

Effective February, 10, 2014, at midnight PDT, there will be a modest increase in many of our packs and pack bodies. See our store for more details.

We are, again, Made in America!!  Have always been, and will always "try" to remain here. Some don't believe us because there is no label stating so!  But remember, it costs us time and money to put a Made in America label in our products--if you can live without that label, so can we!

Let us know if you can't?!

We still offer one of the highest  per-pack (9 combinations in our best-selling Orion pack, and 23-plus combinations for the WholeShabang!) values in the industry, and we don't have military contracts to help us absorb costs for production. We clearly offer the highest versatility in the hunting-pack market. We offer the highest quality pack fabric in the U.S. marketplace, and we are one of few companies offering waterproof, rip-proof, and burr-proof fabric.


Our ratings speak for themselves.


Thank you for all those that have supported us in the past and those that will in the future!




Karlj J Findling,


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