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New Products for 2021

January 27, 2014

As our first Trade show of the season winds down, we have had input for the last year about how women and many short torso (15") customers were not well served by our packs--namely our best performer, the Orion. 

So, for 2014 we now have a Women's specific waist belt, shoulder straps (Size Small), and ST, stands for Short Torso. Now, folks 5' 4" to 5'9" can now enjoy the Orion, and still have functioning load lifters in their day pack without the Hydro too high behind their head. This also allows for the suspension to perform better when adjusted short, and a functioning load lifter angle which is critical to comfort during that meat haul.

When ordering, if you are less than 5' 9" and are more than 5'4", then you will fit much better when ordering by selecting the ST Hydro. 


See it in our store very soon. 

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