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Spring Sale: Till the 2020's are gone....Our much anticipated 2021 line is trickling in...

June 05, 2014

As mentioned in two previous posts, our much anticipated improvements to our product line have been slow to arrive, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Pack assembly is just beginning and we're reviewing the improvements. I can't wait to get out and wear this stuff!

Our Predator Deception Brown has arrived, so we are just now assembling and building BinoBro's with our new fabric, but are still behind the curve for those waiting for the changes in PDB.

Our new Olive Drab offering seems to be a hit, so pictures of a full pack in Olive Drab, OPWBurr™ fabric will be about a week away.

And lastly, the changes for the product line have to happen in the store and that is even slower now given all the options we offer. As an example: The WholeShabang! was at 23 options overall, with our newest 26" stay option and the three suspension options, we can now offer at least 30 differing solutions to fit ANY need or configuration--to fit your (difficult) crazy body-type, to a very normal body, but with particular needs.


Thanks for those patiently waiting--including myself, for the 2014 options!


NO PROMO CODES due to store failure....

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