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The WS! Ruck

Size Guide

Same as our Hunting WholeShabang! But, in MULTICAM. This pack can do it all. 23 combinations to make any deploymenht a wizz.If you want the ultimate in versatility, and function--look no further than this 6,500 c.i. Ruck.

Comfort first, and then versatility is the name of the game from quick operations with a minimal gear list to the WholeShabang! for those extended deployements when everything has to go--but every operational contingency is on your back!

For 2014 we offer the 26" stays as standard--for short torso folks--the 24" torso goes along with the ST Hydro and works in the the base pack (Greengate).


Pack Sizing Guides

How to Measure Yourself

A. Chest

B. Sleeve

C. Waist

D. Inseam

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