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Binocular Pouches: Comparing the BinoBro, vs. the rest...

Binocular Pouches: Comparing the BinoBro, vs. the rest...

by Karl Findling July 13, 2015

The options are many, but when one looks at function, weight and price, hands down, the BinoBro leaves the rest behind.

Made in America, our simple ideal of a lightweight-waterproof, quite fabric attached to a simple ergonomic harness keeps your binoculars under cover and easy to carry without any neck strain.

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New for OPW: Square Store

by Karl Findling June 13, 2015

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2015 Spring Bear: By, Karl Findling

by Karl Findling June 13, 2015

My first bear interaction was in the fall of 1980 while grouse hunting in the Lookout Mtn. Unit of Oregon, close to my home town. We hadn't thought much about bears despite the robust berry crop we were actively hunting as the Blue and Ruffed Grouse were occupying much of our time and talents.

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Max's Meanderings: My 2015 Oregon-California Varmint Patrol: By, Max Zeller, Prostaffer

by Karl Findling April 15, 2015

 My February 2015 predator hunting trip started out as it does every year, with a couple weeks trying to call in bobtailed cats near my home in the Coast Range mountains of western Oregon, followed by a quick trip over the Cascades into the Klamath Basin to call coyotes before crossing the border into California. 

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2015 Post Show-Season Report

by Karl Findling March 27, 2015


Very soon, Oregon Pack works will have it's 2015 line of packs available.

The recent switch over to a a new manufacturer has us most of the way there--but not yet!

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2014 Oregon-California Varmint Patrol. By, Max Zeller, Prostaffer

by Karl Findling February 10, 2015

My 2015 Oregon/California predator hunting trip is fast approaching, which got me to thinking about last year’s exciting adventure. 

Valentine’s Day holds special meaning for me.  Love is in the air---the love of predator hunting, that is.
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Max's Meanderings: California, Bobs and Bucks. By: Max Zeller, Prostaffer

by Karl Findling November 27, 2014

I always try to find new backcountry hidey-holes when I travel the length of California en route annually to visit my brother’s family, and of course hunt, in the southernmost part of the state.  I end up taking some breathtaking landscape pix, even though my photography skills leave a lot to be desired....

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Max's Meanderings: Birds and Bucks, By, Max Zeller, Prostaffer

by Karl Findling November 19, 2014

One of the advantages of having a month-long general western deer rifle season is I can take off a couple days from deer hunting, pack up the bird dog and head out for an eastern Oregon pheasant hunt before the deer action really kicks into high gear closer towards November.

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A Steens Mountain Adventure

A Steens Mountain Adventure

by Karl Findling October 08, 2014 8 Comments

Oh what a place.  Many of us in Oregon know of the Steens Mountain, not just because it's America's tallest-of-it's-kind fault-scarp mountain. Or, be it for the long ice-age glacier-carved canyons charged with the largest aspen groves in the state.  But no, it's the famed Mule Deer. 

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Max's Meanderings: The "Rodney Dangerfield Bull".By, Prostaffer, Max Zeller

by Karl Findling September 20, 2014

Three weeks into September and we finally have some precipitation---not much, mind you, but enough to form a puddle or two.  I’ll take it since it is the first perceptible amount of rainfall since opening day of archery elk season. 

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Why Reload your own Ammunition: Part Two; By, Karl J Findling

by Karl Findling September 13, 2014

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Scouting High and Low, for a Beulah Speed Goat...by, Karl J. Findling

by Karl Findling September 11, 2014

This year's Antelope Tag was a surprise, in more than one way. This would make the third Antelope in 36 years--so, 12 years apart for each, after a fourteen year wait for the first; same unit--Beulah

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