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Hunting Illustrated, Early Fall, 2013 write-up

by Karl Findling September 29, 2013

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by Karl Findling September 27, 2013

Oregon Pack Works...For Every Hunter

The idea of a truly interchangeable pack system began with their own fruitless search for that “Holy Grail” of a pack—one that could carry the necessary gear and weights required of a pack for meat-hauls, as well as for an extended stay in the wilderness, yet could become a smaller pack for day hunts, on-the-spot!
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The Right Boots (for the job): And, Foot Health (Guest article addition, by Steve Leary, PT)

by Karl Findling August 28, 2013

Picking and choosing–buying and selling. It seems like we spend years trying to find the right boot for for our planned backcountry hunting–if our destination changes, it just takes us longer–a moving target!

So, unless you’re blessed to live in a larger urban area, where you may be able to try the many boots available, you may never actually “touch” the boots you plan to order after reading countless testimonials about how “awesome,” or “comfortable” this or that boot is. And, why this one should win out over another is just, mind boggling.

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