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Max's Meanderings: "The Boar's Nest.", by Max Zeller

by Karl Findling August 15, 2014

When I retired in 1999, I decided to move from my home in Washington State back to property I owned in the central Coast Mountains of western Oregon.  After the move, I made it my mission to explore all the mountains and drainages I could access in order to ascertain the best bear habitats in my immediate area. 

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DIY Elk Hunting Tips, Part, 2: By Sean Clarkson

by Karl Findling July 20, 2014

Nearly every hunter obsesses about gear, and to some degree gear does make a difference.  I’m going to go through what I learned elk hunting on my own as far as the gear that makes the difference and in order of priority. 
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Now, Five sizes of Range Finder Bro's!

by Karl Findling June 30, 2014

With manufacturer's always tinkering and creating new sizes and models, we've decided to rearrange our sizes of RangeFinder Bros from just two sizes up to three to fit almost every range finder you'd WANT to carry....

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Spring Sale: Till the 2020's are gone....Our much anticipated 2021 line is trickling in...

by Karl Findling June 05, 2014


One OpenRange WS!/Orion/Rogue left at 20% OFF!  Our Remaining 2013 MULTICAM  and only one OpenRange Pattern of WholeShabangs!, Orions, or Rogues on sale at 20% off.....

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Max's Meanderings: A Spring Bounty;Black (or Cinnamon/Brown Phase) Bear Highs and Lows. By: Max Zeller, Prostaff

by Karl Findling May 29, 2014 2 Comments

It seemed I just closed my eyes when the 3:30 am alarm went off.  I stoked the fire in my tent’s wood stove and gave my topo maps a final “once-over” to pinpoint my exact maneuvers for the day.

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Why Reload your own Ammunition: Part One, By: Karl J. Findling

by Karl Findling May 26, 2014

Accuracy is mostly why we reload our own ammunition. Secondly, it is fun. And, finally it is just plain rewarding in the end to have accuracy and as much ammo that you can build handy....
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Memorial Day Sale (Use that Tax Return), now until it's gone!

by Karl Findling May 23, 2014

Our MultiCam packs from 2012/2013; all remaining OpenRange Orions, and WholeShabangs! on Sale....
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Big changes for a small business has us behind...

by Karl Findling May 21, 2014

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2014 OPW new products and features

by Karl Findling May 01, 2014

For 2014, we have rolled out a full featured big game back pack suspension-product line that now fits small petite women, to the largest male....
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Oregon Turkey Bash, by Prostaffer, Max Zeller

by Karl Findling April 20, 2014

The original “Snood Dudes,” plus one, made it back to the turkey woods of Eastern Oregon for what would be another banner season chasing high mountain thunder chickens in eastern Oregon.  Jeff, Steve, Jason and I , plus the addition of friend Tim, were looking forward to opening morning of the 2014 spring turkey season with a little more optimism than last year’s tough hunt. 
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Tax Return Tuesday

by Karl Findling March 27, 2014

The 2014 products have finally begun to trickle in. Find good deals on our 2013 items for the Spring Break Sale!
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Changes for Oregon Pack Works for 2021

by Karl Findling February 10, 2014

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